Sales is a numbers game that can tempt you into feeling like the more people you pitch to, the more successful you’ll be. However, sales is also a time game – and since there are only so many hours in a workday, you have to decide where you want to invest every minute.


You have to work smarter – not necessarily harder – to maximize your efforts. Sometimes the best way to increase your close ratio is to make fewer pitches and focus on warmer leads that are more likely to close. Here are three tips to improve your close ratio:


Know Who You’re Selling To

Empathy is your greatest sales asset – you need to be able to sense your customer’s mood and perception of both you and your sales pitch. You also need a quick wit to adjust your tone and tactics based on their reactions. Be prepared with all the facts and benefits of your solutions; it’s easier to adjust the flow of the conversation, increasing the likelihood you’ll close the deal.


Ask Strategic Questions

You probably have an idea of what the customer needs simply because they’re seeking your specific services. But, that’s often not enough information for you to make a successful proposal. Prepare questions that allow you to get to the core of their needs and expectations and build a solution that addresses their problem and helps them achieve their goals.


Leverage Negative Responses for Information

You’re going to hear the word no – often – but it can work in your favor if you know how to respond. Often, no means you need to work harder to either nurture the relationship or build a stronger case. Instead of panicking or shutting down, use rejection as an opportunity to understand the barriers that prevent you from closing the deal. Find out if the issue is timing, budget or expectations and rework your proposal with that new information in mind.


Your close ratio involves a number of variables. Try to gather as much information as possible before and during your pitch, then tailor it specifically to that person. There’s no such thing as “one-size-fits-all” sales tactics. Taking the time to personalize each interaction is worth the time invested and directly impacts your ability to close more deals.


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