“No, thank you.”

“We’re not interested.”


If your sales reps are facing rejection again and again, can you blame them for putting off cold calling? It may be necessary to gain new clients, but it doesn’t play to their strengths – evaluating customer needs and closing deals. Between salary, commission and benefits, a highly trained salesperson costs your organization thousands of dollars annually. Why not free them up to bring in revenue?


An appointment setting company helps cut costs by up to 50 percent and gives your salespeople the time they need to build relationships and win new business. What do you get by outsourcing appointment setting?


Leveraged Strengths

Cold calling requires diligence, determination and discipline. While good sales reps have these traits, there is something about calling strangers and hearing “no” that kills motivation and morale. Your salespeople should be talking to key individuals who they know are looking for your services. With appointment setting services, your sales force can focus on what they’re good at – selling. A team of appointment setters do the grunt work of tracking down decision makers. Meanwhile, your salesperson gets hot leads they can turn into closed deals.


Improved ROI

Cold calling is notoriously time-consuming. The Ovation Sales Group found that the average salesperson prospects for approximately 6.25 hours for one single appointment. If your sales team is cold calling in addition to other routine tasks, they don’t have time to cultivate new leads, upsell existing clients or improve their processes. For an affordable monthly fee, appointment setting companies provide trained professionals who spend their entire day cold calling on your behalf. By retaining their services, you’ll streamline prospecting and dedicate more time to winning business.


Redistributed Focus

Your sales rep’s “to-dos” aren’t going to get “to-done” unless you empower them with more time. Appointment setting companies allow your salespeople to be more efficient, effective and satisfied with their work. Using your prospect lists, appointment setters connect with decision makers and get them in front of your sales team. So, instead of staring at their phone with dread, they’ll stare in anticipation of closing another deal.


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