If your plan for email marketing is “throw everything at the wall and see what sticks,” it’s time to rethink your strategy. Email has a median ROI of 122 percent – more than four times higher than formats like social media, direct mail and paid search. With a few tweaks to your design, content and analytics, email can become your most significant lead generation source. Ready to access the full potential of email marketing for your business? Follow these tips:


Think Mobile

Smart devices are increasingly available – as is access to email. Business owners and decision makers, especially, are checking their emails on their phones between meetings and traveling for work. Approximately 42 percent of users , yet only 17 percent of marketers optimize their email for mobile.


Your subject line or content might not be the problem. Make sure you optimize your emails for mobile and watch your lead pool expand.


Put Data in the Driver Seat 

“Set it and forget it” may be convenient, but it’s not very intuitive. The future of email is data science and analysis that provides marketers with valuable insight into user behavior and email preferences. Using d


More business owners are seeking your services than you think – be more intentional with your content creation to improve your chances of capturing attention.


Warm Up Your Cold Prospects

You may be excited about the new email list you bought, but make sure your open rate expectations are conservative. Thanks to increasing cyber security concerns, 90 percent of cold emails go unopened. The 10 percent of


There’s still opportunity with cold call lists, but you have to be strategic – build trust with personalized headlines and compelling calls to action to improve your open and response rates.


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